Events > 2021 > September > Ocoee Lite - Progression Trip 3 / Saturday, September 25th

About this event:

Created by Terri Abbott

Trip Coordinator – Matt Henry

Ocoee Lite Progression Trip 3 – Ocoee Lite

This is it, the Big Enchilada, the Top Dog, Le’ Grande’ Fromage!  This is the final trip in our Ocoee Lite progression series.  This trip will take place on parts of the Middle Ocoee River in Ocoee, TN.  This is the last trip in the progression series.  Prerequisite for this trip is successful participation in Trip 2 in the series (or similar class 3/3+ experience), a 50% combat roll and approval from the Trip coordinator.  The Ocoee is a pushy, fast, and rocky class 3 river featuring some big wave trains, big holes and even bigger fun.  We will put in below Slice N Dice rapid and run to GoForth Creek.  The rapids we run will be Moon Shoot, Double Suck (Sneak Line available), Hell’s Half Mile, Double Trouble (Sneak Line available), Left/Right/Left, Flipper and Watauga.