Events > 2021 > August > Chattooga 3.5 - Class II-III+(IV) / Saturday, August 14th
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About this event:

Created by Terri Abbott

Trip Coordinator – David Asbell 

Chattooga Section 3.5 (or Section 3, depending on water level)

We plan to run Section 3.5,  from Thrift’s Ferry to Woodall Shoals.  You should be comfortable on solid Class 3 water.  If the USGS gauge is over 2.0 feet we will switch to Section 3.  The mean flow for this date (1939-2020) is 482 CFS, or about 1.75 feet USGS, so we will probably do 3.5.  There are several great surfing waves.  Bull Sluice’s single drop line is straightforward at moderate levels.  We can catch a few enders at Surfing Rapid, just below the 76 bridge.  If the flow is really low, swimming in the recirculation there is a trip.  Screaming Left Turn, Rock Jumble and Woodstock precede Woodall Shoals.  We take out at the bottom of Woodall.  The carry up to the parking area is short but steep.   A light-weight playboat will enhance your enjoyment of the carry.

Email me at  Please include your mobile number.  “I will contact you directly with meeting time and place.”