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About this event:

Created by Tammy Lea

Would you like to spend some time on the Nantahala Falls and figure out what works for you with a bunch of folks who are cheering you on and helping pull you out when you go for that swim?  Because you will probably end up swimming.   For many boaters, the falls are a source of angst as many of us have swam the falls more than we like.  The clinic offers the participants the opportunity to focus on just this stretch of water and to work on skills.

The focus will be on river running strategies, catching eddies, ferrying, boofing, rope throwing, boat bull dozing and aggressive swimming.   There will be multiple laps.  Participants will provide safety for each other by setting ropes and chasing boats.  This is a chance to work on many skills we use on a regular basis when paddling.
Please note you must contact either Kerrie Barloga or Tony Eyl before signing up for the class.  A RSVP without contacting Kerrie or Tony means you are not in the class.
Kerrie: 850 322 5310 or; Tony Eyl,
Skills needed:
  1. You can swim the falls which means swimming in swift, very cold water.
  2. You can catch the big eddy on river left known as truckstop eddy.
  3. You are getting most of your combat rolls or you are willing to hang out for T-rescue.
  4. You can throw a rope.
  5. You can ferry across swift current that is 10ft wide and is a little turbulent.
  6. You can carry boat and gear up the steps back to the apron for the next lap or you have arranged for a Sherpa.
Equipment needed:
  1. The usual – boat, paddle, skirt, helmet, PFD
  2. Float bags in the boat. If you choose to forego the float bags we will place an X on your boat so we know you prefer to self rescue.
  3. A throw rope. This is a requirement.  If you do not have one, borrow one.  I may have one or two I can loan.
  4. The Nantahala is cold. Dress for swimming it.
  5. Bring snacks and water.
  6. Nantahala pass – available at ERA and NOC.

To RSVP, call Kerrie at 850 322 5310 or or Tony Eyl at