Events > 2021 > June > Upper Hooch - Class II+ / Sunday, June 6th
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About this event:

Created by Terri Abbott

Wildwood Outfitters
Bill Timpone – Trip Coordinator
The Upper Hooch, Secion III, is the beginning of what whitewater is all about.  The rapids are good solid II’s, maybe III-ish with a little extra water.  They are a little more than what a beginner should start out on.  This is a good stepping stone to the Nantahala if you are so inclined.  Good maneuvering skills are needed.  You can blast your way through most of the rapids, but can also make them a challenge if you want to play hard.  Let’s do that.  It is a short run, just 4 miles, but there are many rapids to play in.  Some lend themselves to multiple runs with multiple routes to try if you are energetic enough to pull your boat back up.  Let’s limit this to 8 boats so we can keep the group together and get the most out of it.
Email Bill at along with your RSVP so he can give you details for the paddle.   It is your responsibility to contact Bill.
Please bring $8 cash for Wildwood shuttle.
Call Bill with questions (678) 316-3770.