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About this event:

Created by James Wright

USD 50.00

This class will take place on Saturday August 1st. The instructor is Todd McGinnis. Price is $50
Do you just run a rapid or do you break it down in pieces? Have you ever run a rapid and gotten tossed and tumbled and wondered why that happened? How about that time you tried to attain but did not make it – did you think, I should have been able to do that? Well, this clinic is for you.
We will paddle on a river similar to Chattooga Section 3.5 and work down the river and discuss the features of the river and the rapids. At times, we will review boat scouting and there will be a good bit of getting out of the boat and scouting the rapid from the side of the river. The goal is to get everyone thinking about what looks to be the main line, what is a bad line, what is an alternative line, or maybe identify why and or when you need to skip a rapid. I expect this to be a full day with a lot of good interaction.
This clinic is offered to no more than 2 people. The candidates for this class should have a reliable roll, be comfortable on class II and have paddled some class IIIs. A reliable roll means that you are confident in your roll and you get it nearly every time in moving water. This doesn’t mean you haven’t had a swim or two in the past year or so – most of us have had a swim.
We will meet at the put in at 10 am on the morning of the clinic. You need to have the obvious equipment: Whitewater boat, paddle, skirt, helmet, whitewater PFD, throw rope, snacks, water, etc. If you have questions please feel free to contact me at, 770.856.4489, or DM me on Facebook