Events > 2020 > May > Ocoee Moves: Ferries, Eddies and Hole Explorations
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About this event:

Created by James Wright

Ocoee, River, Ducktown TN or 850.322.5310 Do not RSPV on the Website but contact Kerrie Directly.

Are you in the flow on the Ocoee River and want to explore the more challenging routes on the river? The focus of the day will be using the waves, holes and rocks to navigate the river. We will work on catching micro eddies, using waves to ferry across the river and using holes to change our boat angles. Participants skills should include reliable roll, comfortable on the Ocoee, able to catch large eddies and willing to play in holes. The number of participants will be limited to TWO.

Class date is May 30.