Events > 2019 > June > Work The Nanty Falls Clinic

About this event:

Created by Carol Reiser

The approach to the Lesser Wesser Falls on the Nantahala River is an excellent place to work on many river running skills such as eddy hopping, ferrying in calm and turbulent water, edging, boat control, surfing (planned and unplanned), and supporting your fellow boaters.  For many boaters, the Falls are also a source of angst as many of us have swum there more than we like.  This clinic offers the participants the opportunity to focus on just this stretch of water.

The clinic will be limited to 10 participants unless some awesome boaters volunteer as support boaters.  Participants will be support boaters for each other.  Everybody will have a chance to be the safety rope at the bottom of the Falls, to boat rescue swimmers, and to bull doze boats into eddies.

If you would like to participate, please contact Kerrie Barloga by text at 850.322.5310 or by email at