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Created by Lisa Haskell

Near Chattanooga, TN
Tennessee River Trip
May 3-5, 2019
Tennessee River Paddle Trail
Drop vehicle and kayak at Tennessee River Park, mile marker 469.0 and we’ll paddle down river to an island only accessible by water.  We’ll camp on Maclellan Island, mile marker 464.8.
We’ll depart the island and make our way past the downtown ‘Nooga skyline, around Mocassin Bend National Archeological District, Williams Island State Archeological Park and camp at Pot Point Primitve Campsite mile marker 447.7.
Sat Mileage about 17 miles.
We’ll get on the water and head down river to Sullivan’s Landing, past Oates Island and to our take-out of Hales Bar Marina mile marker 431.0.
Sun Mileage about 17 miles.
You will need a longer kayak of 14′ or more.  You will need your camping gear and food for the duration of this trip.  Marinas and put-ins exists along the way to replenish water.  Shuttle info. based upon registrants.
Cost: We’ll split lodging evenly based upon paddlers.
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