Events > 2018 > July > SWR Practice on the Cartecay

About this event:

Created by James Wright

Ellijay, GA

Hello folks,
I am Jim Wright and I want to host a SWR practice on the Cartecay. This is completely informal. I took a SWR course in October and I want to practice the basic skills associated with SWR. Some basic skills that I want to practice are defensive and offensive swimming, throwing rope, receiving rope, boat based rescues, live bait(if possible) and other skills. My idea is to practice at whirlpool and blackberry rapid. Disclaimer: I have been trained in SWR but I am not an instructor, I just want to practice and pass on what knowledge I do have. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

We will meet at the put in at 10 am and get on the river. Please have a throw rope, and the basic 5, kayak, skirt, pfd, helmet, paddle and a positive attitude.