Events > 2018 > June > GCA & Endless River Adventures: Kayak Rescue Round Up for Boaters

About this event:

Created by Jenny Taylor

Endless River Adventures 14157 W Highway 19 Bryson City, NC
USD 20.00


You will meet at ERA at 9am EST on Saturday June 9th.


This workshop is specifically oriented to whitewater kayakers. The scope will include the following:

  1. Essential Equipment – what you need, when you should use it and how to use it. Review of what can go wrong with the use of rescue gear, and how to avoid such situations.
  2. Using your hands – boat rescue techniques and boater rescue techniques
  3. Situational Awareness – how to avoid and/or how to deal with typical situations that occur in kayaking
  4. Hands-On Scenarios – setting up and solving situations
  5. People Skills – how to deal with a group, with individuals and with group breakdown.


Equipment Needed:

Personal Kayak gear (dress for getting wet)

Throwrope and knife

Carabiner and prussic rope (if you have them)




Meet at Endless River Adventures at 9AM. We will load up and head to the river.




Brought to you by our friends at Endless River Adventures:

Everything from rope throwing to snags and tags will be taught over a one-day workshop. Following a format of simple to complex skills, the group will spend the day practicing the river rescue essentials that every boater should know. Team led by ERA’s international kayak guides and instructors.