Events > 2017 > August > Upper Chattooga River Eclipse Trip

About this event:

Created by Roger Nott

The Center of the totality crosses the Chattooga River a few miles upstream of the Hwy. 28 bridge.  We will decide exactly which section to paddle on the day of the trip, based on the latest water levels and the weather forecast.  The West Fork, Section II, and lower Warwoman Creek down to Sandy Ford (4 river miles with the shuttle on the Georgia side) might all be possible.  Lower Section III and Section IV also will be within the swath of the totality, but, since there will probably be some rain and clouds on that day, there is more of a chance there that clouds might totally obscure the sun during the shorter period of totality along these sections.  Upstream of Dicks Creek Ledge the totality will last 2 minutes or more, so there will be more of a chance of getting an unobstructed view of the sun on a partly cloudy day.  Big Shoals or Dicks Creek Ledge would be particularly good spots to view the eclipse.  If the weather is bad and the sun is completely obscured by clouds during the 2+ minute totality, atleast we will have a good time on the river.