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About this event:

Created by Jim Tebbel

Bryson City, NC area
USD 100.00

Trained Beginner Whitewater Canoe

This class is for the paddler with a little experience paddling whitewater (several times down a class I-II river) and previous instruction or the more experienced paddler looking for formal instruction.

In the trained beginner class, we review strokes and maneuvers on the lake, then move to the river the first afternoon or the second day.

For any questions, please contact GCA’s Canoe Coordinator: Marvine Cole at, (828) 488-4969
If the times posted don’t work for you, please contact Marvine. Canoe classes are usually very small, and instructors may have flexibility to accomodate a different date.
While you are required to bring all of your own gear, please talk to the Canoe Coordinator before purchasing gear—we want you to buy the appropriate gear and can help advise you!


PARTICIPANTS MUST PROVIDE ALL OF THEIR OWN EQUIPMENT. No gear is included in the clinic fee. Participants must have, at a minimum, the following:

  • Whitewater canoe with floatation
  • Paddling helmet (no bike helmets)
  • Personal Flotation Device (life jacket, Type III or V; no horse collars or ski vests)
    • Paddle
    • Appropriate footwear (paddling booties, water shoes, etc.) that will not fall off during a swim
    • Clothing appropriate to weather conditions and how cold-natured you are. Suggestions include:
      • Neoprene wetsuit (farmer John/Jane style with no sleeves)
      • Paddling splash jacket and/or pants
      • Polyester fleece top
      • Bathing suit
      • Polypro underwear/long johns
      • No cotton

We also recommend:

  • 1-2 liters of drinking water you can pack/clip in your boat
  • Lunch you can pack in your boat
  • Sunblock

If you do not have your own gear, the following places can rent gear to you.  Please call them to inquire about arranging a gear rental.

Registration Fee:
$100.00 for GCA members
$135.00 for non-GCA members (includes GCA membership)

Swimming Ability:

You must be able to swim and should not panic with your head under water.

Physical Condition:

Whitewater paddling is a physically and mentally challenging activity that requires fitness, flexibility, and a positive attitude in stressful situations. Canoeing can be a high-risk activity for individuals with a history of shoulder dislocations. Applicants should discuss potential physical limitations with the Coordinator before signing up.