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About this event:

Created by Tammy Lea

Tuckasegee River, Dillsboro
USD 45.00

This one-day clinic is for kids ages 8 to 15.  The class will be taught by ACA-certified instructors, plus adult support boaters.

This class is for kids who want to learn and improve upon their basic skills as well as learn some new techniques. With multiple instructors, we may segment the class to address both new paddlers, as well as those with some experience.
Topics covered & discussed will include river reading, strokes, and boat control as well as basic rescue concepts. Emphasis will be on developing skills to be comfortable on the river.  The class will be tailored to the skill level(s) of the participants.

We will meet at the new put-in above the Dillsboro Dam where we will use the flat water there to work on form, basic strokes, wet exits,and  t-rescues.  After lunch, we will move to the old put-in below the bridge, where we will spend time on the river refining what was taught in the morning. There will be an optional family paddle on the Tuck on Sunday, July 16 for students and their families.

Gear/Equipment: PARTICIPANTS MUST PROVIDE ALL OF THEIR OWN EQUIPMENT! No gear is included in the clinic fee. Participants must have at a minimum the following:

  • Whitewater kayak
  • Helmet (Nose plugs recommended, such as Smiley or Cottonmouth)
  • Personal flotation device
  • Spray skirt
  • Paddle
  • Flotation bags
  • Appropriate footwear (paddling booties, water shoes, etc.) is required.  Thin, lower-profile shoes are suggested.  Flip flops are not recommended because they will fall off during a swim.  Sandals such as Tevas, Chacos do not fit well in whitewater kayaks and have the potential to get hung inside the kayak during a flip.
  • Also suggested is synthetic clothing such as the following, depending upon how cold-natured you are:
    • Neoprene wetsuit (farmer John/Jane style with no sleeves)
    • Paddling splash jacket or drytop
    • Polyester fleece top
    • Bathing suit
    • Polypro underwear/long johns
    • NO COTTON GARMENTS are permitted

We also recommend the following:

  • Plenty of bottled water
  • snacks you can pack in your boat
  • Sunblock
  • Waterproof camera if desired
  • Dry clothes for after class
  • bag for wet gear

Instructors – Kerrie Barloga (, Tammy Lea (

Cost/Registration: $45.00 for GCA members, which includes lunch, snacks and the ACA event insurance.

Swimming Ability: You must be able to swim and should not panic with your head under water. Beginning kayak clinic participants will spend a lot of time upside down inside their kayaks on the lake.