Events > 2017 > June > Beginner Whitewater Canoe

About this event:

Created by Jimmy Jones

Bryson City, NC area

Beginner Whitewater Canoe is for people who have never paddled a canoe, never paddled whitewater in a canoe, or someone looking to transition from another craft to whitewater canoe.

We cover basics such as carrying/loading canoes, water reading, basic strokes and maneuvers and safety.

We will start on the lake to get comfortable in our boats and learn strokes and maneuvers without the distraction of moving water. We will then move to easy moving water that afternoon or the next day.


Class will be held in the Bryson City, NC area. Based on student needs, we’ll start around 9:30 or 10:00a.m.


You will need to provide all of your own equipment.


Contact: Marvine Cole 828-488-4969 with any questions