Events > 2017 > May > Slicey Boat/Non-Traditional Lines On The Ocoee

About this event:

Created by Jenny Taylor

Ocoee River

Are you ready to get the most out of the Ocoee River? 

The focus of this class is to get the most out of the non-traditional lines on the Ocoee.
Many paddlers run the same familiar lines on the Ocoee. This event is to help with familiarizing yourself with the non-traditional lines on the river.

The skills you need:

  1. Paddle comfortably and have at least a 75% combat roll in Class III whitewater.
    2. Be comfortable paddling on the Ocoee river.
    3. Be ready to push yourself and work the features of the river.
    4. A positive attitude!

Skills we will work on:

  1. Running non-traditional lines on the Ocoee River
  2. Difficult ferries.
  3.  Boofing
  4. Using your boat to its maximum potential

Bring your usual paddling gear for paddling a Class III river. Dress for the weather, you may be rolling or swimming. A slicey, playable/surfable boat is required (Examples: RPM, Axiom etc. etc.). A full face helmet is preferred but not required. Bring lunch or a snack and water. Safety boaters will be present.

Contact Hunter Torbush or Sam Wakefield for additional information!