Events > 2017 > March > Ocoee Lite Paddle

About this event:

Created by James Wright

Ocoee River, TN

Please contact Lesley Symington before RSPVing for this event.

This event takes place on the Ocoee river but is a small segment of that river.  We will start at the rapid Slice and Dice and proceed on to Go Forth Creek.  This segment takes out a lot of the river that might be a challenge for newer boaters but gives a boater a taste of the what fun the Ocoee can offer.  To think you are a good fit for this section:

You should have a combat roll at least 60% of the time

You should be comfortable on the Nanty and able to run Nanty falls.  If you have done Chattooga 3.5 that is a step below the Ocoee