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About this event:

Created by Jim Tebbel

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Wade Walker YMCA 5605 Rockbridge Road, Stone Mountain, GA 30088

Stone Mountain Roll Practice at the Wade Walker YMCA on Wednesdays, 7:00p-9:00p.

5605 Rockbridge Road, Stone Mountain, GA 30088

Fees for GCA Roll Practices are based on your memberships (or lack of) in the Georgia Canoe Association and American Canoe Association. The ACA membership (one time or full membership) covers the insurance for the event.
Please make sure to pay when you come in so that the coordinator doesn’t have to cover you. Fees are as follows:
GCA member and ACA member : $ 6 + $0 = $ 6
GCA member only : $ 6 + $5 = $11
ACA member only (rare) : $10 + $0 = $10
Neither : $10 + $5 = $15
Exact change is appreciated!

You can join GCA in advance at

ACA membership is available at GCA is a Paddle America Club with ACA, and as a GCA member, you can join ACA at the discounted PAC rate. Please select Georgia Canoeing Association as your Paddle America Club when joining ACA.

No RSVP required. Please arrive EARLY to take care of paperwork and roll practice fees. Exact change is appreciated.
Please be sure that your boat is clean and free of debris when you arrive. There is a locker room with showers. The pool requires everyone to shower at the pool before entering the water.

Required gear: Whitewater kayak, paddle, PFD, sprayskirt and helmet. Nose plug, such as NRS Cottonmouth, attached to helmet highly recommended.

Enter thru the gate for the outside pool area at the front of the building, then thru the double doors for the inside pool.

Questions? Contact

Waivers Required:
GCA – each time
ACA – once per season for ACA members, each time for non-members
YMCA – once per season

To save time, please complete your ACA waiver in advance. You can print it from the following link:
ACA Waiver

Are you new to rolling? Check out these videos to understand the basic rolls
C-to-C Roll
Sweep Roll