Events > 2016 > September > Nantahala River Challenge By Choice

About this event:

Created by James Wright

Bryson City, NC

Nantahala River Challenge By Choice (my choice) LOL


Are you familiar with the many challenges offered up by the Nantahala River? Do you want to step up your game on this great river and prepare for bigger challenges? This is the trip to do just that. We will work as many of the features of the river as we can squeeze into the day. This will not be a dry hair day, come prepared to roll (in current) and possibly even swim.

Some of the challenges will be:

Eddy catching and ferrying at Delebar’s Rock and Whirlpool

Surfing at Road Side Surf hole

Eddy catching in large wave trains like Quarry Rapid

Working the ferry lines at Walk the Dog and Skin the Cat

Catching eddies at the Bump and possibly even surfing the hole

Don’t forget all the boofs: Little SOB, Lunch Beach Boof and Little Bump to name a few

OH!!! And the Falls can you name the eddies? Have you caught them? Billboard, Square Block, Bus Stop, Truck Stop, Last Stop, Micro and Macro along with some others


Come out step up your game and have fun with some great people and so so paddlers.


Meet at the NOC gravel parking lot at 10:30 to set shuttle


Contact Lee at 770-598-0494 to confirm you registration