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About this event:

Created by David Bazemore

Columbus, Georgia

Have you ever thought about taking a SWR course and simply didn’t feel you were ready for the material? Or maybe you have taken a SWR course and just don’t feel like you really got it all. Well here is a chance to spend the day with some SWR Instructors working on those skills. We will take a segment of skills and spend the day on just that skill set. We plan to keep it simple and have lots of fun! We will be offering these clinics several times during the year and each clinic will cover a new topic. Some of the topics that may be covered in the clinic you attend will range from knots, how to be successful when using your throw bag, how to correctly catch a rope when you are the swimmer, how to perform a hand of God rescue, safely setting up & using a Z-Drag, using river signals and a whistle, performing live bait rescues, foot entrapment scenarios, proper gear & clothing for the day, working with ropes, as well as many other things you should consider before you get on the river. These clinics are open to all current GCA members. The only cost that may be involved in these clinics is the very small fee for ACA insurance. We hope to see everyone taking advantage of this GCA membership benefit.

You must be a current GCA member to attend this class.  It is one of the many benefits you get by joining the club!  You may join the GCA at

This class fills very quickly and well in advance.  So don’t drag your feet.