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About this event:

Created by Knox Worde

Nantahala and Ocoee Rivers

Last summer the Ocoee was on your mind but you just never got there.  It is May and running the Ocoee is your number one paddling goal for the summer.  Maybe you are asking yourself, “Do I have the skills”?  I remember being there and wondering do I have the skills to get down that river.  Anyone can get down a river – I believe the real question should be do I have the skills to paddle and enjoy the Ocoee.  My guess is if you are considering this “Boot Camp” some part of you feels that you do – so let us explore that.  We will accomplish this through a fun yet challenging series of paddling excursions that will put your skills to work.


The objective of this clinic is to progress a solid class II paddler to a confident first time Ocoee Paddler.  Emphasis will be on reading the river, boat control and maneuvers on the river.  Throughout the course duration we will review and polish-up essential river running strokes and skills through discussions and drills.  It will be a challenging series that will allow the participant to not only polishing up their skills but also try new maneuvers.  This will be a fun course that will result in your first run of the one of the Southeast’s finest class III Rivers.

Course Pre-requisites:

Interested in the class?  To participate you should be able to competently maneuver in class II rapids.  This includes ability to Ferry, Catch Eddies, Roll, adjust you lines on the fly.

Previous river time is critical to this course and you must have spent time on the Nantahala, Tuckasegee, Cartecay, Upper Chattahoochee etc.  The amount of time paddling these rivers should cumulatively equal at least 25 river trips of class II experience over the past year.  Paddler should have a good roll in both flat and moving water.  The roll does not have to be 100% all the time but you should be confident with your roll.

Class Size:

  • Open to 4 students (Minimum is 3 students)
  • Goal is for this to be a small group that will not only learn together but become a group that works well together.

Required Gear:

  • Positive & fun attitude
  • Kayak with Floatation
  • Paddle
  • Skirt
  • PFD – Personal Floatation Devices
  • Helmet
  • Throw Rope
  • Appropriate river clothing & shoes
  • Sun block
  • Water
  • Any food you need to keep going

Class Schedule

Paddle 1 – May 7th – Nantahala

Paddle 2 – May 21st – Nantahala with emphasis at the Falls

Paddle 3 – June 5th  – Ocoee (some section of it)

On the Sundays (May 8th and 22th) will not be formal class but we may paddle somewhere. I hope that you will practice what we do in the clinic in the time between our clinic dates.

Apply for this class by completing the questionnaire here:
Please contact Knox Worde with any questions. 828-488-4969 or