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About this event:

Created by Lesley Symington

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Trip coordinator: Lee Torbush, 770-598-0494,

The plan is to camp for Memorial Day weekend and paddle the Hiawassee multiple days. The camping will be at the take out with Hiawassee Outfitters. We have confirmed the bunkhouse for lodging to accommodate up to 30 people.  Cost is $15/person per night. We will be there Friday night thru Monday afternoon.  Please contact Lee if you would like to stay at the bunkhouse, so that we don’t overbook.  Food will be on your own but I encourage everyone to coordinate and eat together to share the experiences of the day. The intent is to have a “summer camp” atmosphere.

Everyone will be required to wear a PFD and a helmet as this is whitewater paddling.

Paddling will be in groups and there will be a lot of opportunities to play and learn from each other.

River Description

The Hiwassee River is designated as a Tennessee State Scenic River. The river is beautiful, clear and wide. As noted by William Nealey in his Whitewater Home Companion. Southeastern Rivers. Vol. 1, “this is an excellent river for family outings, canoeing, tubing, rafting and beginning whitewater instruction.” This five mile plus section offers several playful Class II rapids, and with its width, the opportunity for many lines. For the most part, the best water is near river left and on the left channels around the islands.

Rapid Descriptions

Thread the Needle (Class II, Mile 1.6) Soon after the mouth of Towee Creek (on river right) the river descends over a short series of ledges, before being divided by Cane Island. Work to the left, taking the left channel. This chute is in turn divided by a rock jumble. Go to the left or to the right.

Mary Nell Point (Class II, Mile 2.1)As the river works around Big Bend, it approaches a 3 foot drop, most prominent on river left–Mary Nell Point. On river right, before the drop is the Big Bend Parking area.

Stairstep Rapid (Class II, Mile 2.5) A series of ledge drops that last well over a quarter mile — one of the common lines is to start river right and work over to river left.

Little Rock Island (Class II+, Mile 3.1) As you approach the island, take the river left channel — this line involves a short series of Class 2+ ledge drops
Funnel Rapid (Class II+, Mile 4.0) As the river bends to right, there are another series of shallow ledge drops. Soon the river is divided by Big Island. The most common line is to take the river right channel. The channel drops over a 2-3 foot ledge with three chutes. An excellent place to catch eddies and to surf.
Devil’s Shoals (Class II+, Mile 4.6) Continue down the left channel around Big Island. The channel widens and then begins to both drop over another series of ledges, as the channel constricts. The fast current and turbulent water form Devil’s Shoals. As you work down the ledges, there are eddies that can be caught on the right. As you work down the rapid, a ledge appears on river left, work down the center of the channel for this last section.

As always, feel free to contact Lee with questions.