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About this event:

Created by Lesley Symington

This trip is scheduled for the Friday of the Spring Extravaganza. It is a bit of a drive from SMM so it would probably be a good idea to arrive on Thursday night since we will need to leave SMM by about 8 am on Friday. At normal flows French Broad 9 is a step up from the Nantahala. It isn’t pushier but it requires more boat control than the Nanty. This is a natural flow river so the possibility exists of the water being either too high or too low. In the event that the water level on FB9 is outside of what we consider to be a good level for the trip our backup plan will be to run the Nantahala. If you are interested in this trip please contact Lisa Haskell at – clicking “I’m attending” on the website will not be considered as signing up for the trip. Lisa needs to hear from you no later than Wednesday, May 11th if you are interested in the trip because she has to make arrangements for the shuttle in advance.