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About this event:

Created by Jim Tebbel

Central Presbyterian Church 201 Washington St SW, Atlanta, GA 30303 (across the street from the State Capitol.)

This event is offered by Georgia River Network (GRN).
Plan now to attend the Georgia Water Coalition’s Capitol Conservation Day
While in Atlanta, you can meet with your state legislators and tell them what you expect them to achieve during the 2016 session. Bring your fellow members and other friends with you to support environmental and conservation causes! More details coming soon!

Key legislation and what you can do:

  • Pass Senate Bill 36 to Protect Georgia’s Groundwater. SB 36 passed the Senate, now needs to pass the House.
    What you can do: Contact your House representative and ask them to help move the bill out of committee and to the floor for a full House vote.

  • Please Act NOW to Protect Georgia Streams with a Buffer
    All of Georgia’s waterways are supposed to be protected by a 25-foot buffer. On cold water trout streams in North Georgia that buffer is 50 feet. These protected areas
    help keep water clean, protect habitat for fish and wildlife, and prevent damage to streamside property.

    This summer the Georgia Supreme Court ruled on a legal case GRN initiated in 2012. The Supreme Court’s decision places the protection of Georgia’s creeks, streams and rivers in question. The high court limited the methods used by
    Georgia’s Environmental Protection Division (EPD) to determine streamside protection zones to a single, narrow test: buffers are to be measured only from the point of “wrested vegetation.” Not all waterways have wrested vegetation, however, which leaves many of the state’s streams, creeks and rivers without a protected buffer.

GRN is actively engaged in working on a solution to this problem. And we need YOUR help. To learn more about the issue and TAKE ACTION, visit: