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About this event:

Created by Todd McGinnis

Nantahala River
I have been hearing rumblings that many of you are interested in racing at the NOC Glacier Breaker Race Weekend. Some of you are apprehensive because they have never raced, do not know the route, not sure if they have right boat etc. Come out and paddle with me on Saturday February 21st. We will get on the Nantahala paddle the race route and break it down for you. We will show you the run, racer lines, and answer any questions you may have. Once we finish the Downriver race portion I can show you where the slalom portion of the race will take place as well. If you decide to race in the Glacier Breaker races you can do both the down river as well as the Slalom portions of the race.
This is not a full River run.  We will meet 11:00 in the NOC parking lot.  Before getting on the river we will review the Glacier Breaker race.  After the review and introductions we will make our way to the ledges.  We start at the ledges because this will be the start for the Sunday “Classic” portion of the down river race.  From the ledges we will paddle down to Donnie Dutton.  Donnie Dutton is the start for the Saturday “Sprint” portion of the down river race.  At this point we will show you the sprint run and recommended lines.  When we reach the beach we will get out and talk about the last leg of the Classic and how you manage the falls.
To participate you need to be comfortable paddling class II/III rivers.   Additionally have the appropriate clothes and gear to paddle in what ever February throws at us.
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