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About this event:

Created by Jim Tebbel

Nantahala Falls

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This is a description of the clinic we plan to offer at the Fall Gala. Knox Worde and Marvine Cole will be leading it so it is for both kayakers and canoeists.
Read the description and do an honest self-evaluation to see if you’re ready to step it up at the Falls.

The focus of this class is to get the most out of Nantahala Falls.
Many paddlers only catch a couple eddies in the Falls. Nantahala Falls is one of my favorite rapids to build and hone skills. This class will involve doing many of the more difficult ferries and catching the smallest eddies in Nantahala Falls. We will not be running the easy lines.

The skills you need:

1. Paddle comfortably and combat roll in Class II-III whitewater.
2. Run the Falls comfortably upright. Either have a combat roll, or working toward it and able to hang out for a T-rescue in moving water.
3. Be able to catch a 2-3 boat sized eddy and peel out of the same eddy successfully.
4. Ferry in Class II-III whitewater.

If you are comfortable on the Tuckaseegee, Nantahala and Pigeon, but want to learn to make more difficult moves, catch smaller eddies and step up your whitewater game, in other words not just “run” the river, then this is the class for you. This class will be physically challenging. You should expect to paddle hard and carry your boat back up and work/play through the Falls several times.

Skills we will work on:

1. Catching small eddies and eddy hopping.
2. Difficult ferries.
3 .River running strategies.
4. Reading whitewater on a micro scale.
5. Catching the most eddies as possible in Nantahala Falls.

Bring your usual paddling gear for paddling a Class III river. Dress for the cold Nantahala, you may be rolling or swimming. A river runner or creek boat is preferred, but not mandatory. A full face helmet is recommended but not required. Bring lunch or a snack and water.

To RSVP, or for any questions:
call Knox or Marvine at home at 828-488-4969 or email at