Events > 2015 > July > GCA & Outside World Columbus Play Day

About this event:

Created by Todd McGinnis

Another GCA & Outside World day on the Columbus Chattahoochee!  Not only will you get to run the river but the Outside World will be there with boat for you to try!  There is a great pool where we are meeting to try the boats out and then run them down the river if you like.

This should prove to be a very fun day for everyone!  We should be able to fit in multiple runs and not only enjoy low flows but there is always the opportunity later in the day for a high flow.   If we have a large enough group we will split into smaller groups and offer more runs.  We will begin meeting at 10 am at the water tower which is also the take out & parking garage location. The address is :
1028 Front Ave
Columbus GA 31901.
From here we will take the shuttle for the first run at 11am.

At the meeting location there is a parking garage that is free to use on the weekends.  Just outside the parking garage we will have “Kayak Columbus” set up to shuttle everyone with gear.  We recommend a donation of $5 or more for the shuttle.  The put in parking area only offers 8 spots so that will not be an option to use.  Not to mention your vehicle is much safer in the garage.  Since there is a large variety of shops and eating establishments it is a great day to have the non-paddling family members to come along.  You can paddle the river then take off and go hit the town with them.  Also with the Outside World is a short walk away you can show them all the things you need!  We do ask that you simply RSVP so we can plan accordingly.  We hope to see a large GCA turnout for this event.  It will be a blast!