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About this event:

Created by David Bazemore

Tallulah Falls Georgia

A South East classic, Tallulah Falls releases are something to behold.  Every April & November paddlers come from all over to take advantage of the opportunity to run this classic section.  During the release the falls come to life!  However without volunteers that The GCA provides those releases wouldn’t take place.  Tallulah Falls is a Georgia State Park.  Yet the park service simply can not staff these events.  This is your opportunity to see the gorge in a way tourists will never see it.  Up close and personal!  Every person who volunteers no matter what station you work has the opportunity to see the put in with the full release.  It is beautiful!  There are 2 shifts available on Saturday and 2 shifts available on Sunday.  Each shift needs 9 people!  And working more than one shift or one day is greatly appreciated!  The hours for the first shift on either day is from 8am to 12pm.  The second shift is from 11:00am to 3:30pm.  We ask the person who works the bridge to stay until 4pm for safety.  The only position that is physical is the put in.  You will be staging boats for the paddlers.  Not to mention there are a bunch of steps to get there.  All the other spots require minimal exertion yet offer the chance to meet many great paddlers!  Please do what you can to help out with this event.  It won’t go unnoticed!

If you have any issues sending a RSVP for this event and would still like to volunteer simply send me an email to  Please tell me in your email the name of the person volunteering, the dates you are volunteering for- Nov 1st, Nov 2nd, Nov 15, Nov 16, along with the shifts you can help- morning shift or afternoon shift.  Thank you for volunteering!