Events > 2014 > September > Fall Gala Trip: Team Yellow Ocoee! Trained/Advanced Trip

About this event:

Created by Adam Horton

Ocoee River Put In

1386011_10100105308174939_1179476717_nSpecial for the Fall Gala! If you have not encountered Team Yellow you might reconsider this opportunity. This is your chance to partake in their idea of FUN! You will flip, you will beater and you will have fun doing it. You will likely swim. You will definitely have a bruise. Please please do not rsvp for this special Gala opportunity unless you really really want to be in Team Yellow (hashtag). ONLY 4 SPOTS!!!

If you are still reading this, then there is some stuff you should know. This is an informal trip, these are not instructors, you should be more than comfortable on the Ocoee  running traditional lines and have a solid roll. You are gonna need self rescue skills, but 1045181_10201243892806725_912576078_nyou might learn a few along the way…  so if you meet all those suggestions and want to learn the little known and coolest rock spins, boofs and carnage spots on your beloved Ocoee, this is the swim for you. You might even get sponsored by Team Yellow if you beater it just right, so bring your A-game and bootie beer!

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