Events > 2014 > August > Advanced Whitewater Kayak Clinic - August 2nd & 3rd

About this event:

Created by Knox Worde

USD 100.00

Advanced Whitewater Kayak Clinic

Do you consider yourself a strong Intermediate kayaker and  ready to take your kayaking to the next level?  The advanced kayaking clinic will help you to do that.

Prerequisites: You should be comfortable on class 3 water, have a reliable roll in whitewater and an aggressive self rescue.

We will be working on refining your paddling techniques, river reading and judgment skills in class 3 water.

Day one we will plan on being at the Nantahala Falls; making multiple runs working on finding and attaining eddies and making ferries as we work/play our way down to the main drops.

Day two, depending on how everyone is feeling, we will maybe do a short section of the Ocoee or some other appropriate river. Again we will be working on refining our skills and judgment in class 3 water.

Clinic Dates will be August 2nd & 3rd

In an effort to make sure you are in the right class for your goals and experience please contact me before signing up and paying.  For more information please call:  Knox Worde at 828-488-4969 or email: