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About this event:

Created by Jana Rodgers Walker

Cartecay River Left Experience

Looking to practice your swiftwater rescue skills?  Remember how to tie those useful knots?  When’s the last time you threw your rope?  Never took a formal SWR course and want to pick up some skills?

Join us for Rescue Rodeo 2014!  This was a big hit and a lot of fun last year!  The Cartecay is a great place to practice in a forgiving environment.  We will start out on shore for some general discussion, rope-throwing, and knot-tying.  Then we’ll jump in the water for some strainer-swimming, swimming and wading in current.  You’re sure to find a mock victim along the trip whose rescue you’ll have to plan and execute.

A few things:  this is NOT a SWR class and is not a substitute for a class.  This IS a trip during which information and experiences will be shared.  You will get some practice, hopefully learn a few things, and definitely have fun!

You should be a competent swimmer with an appropriate boat, footwear (good river shoes or booties), PFD, and helmet.  If you don’t have any rescue gear or a rope, don’t worry!  You can check out what others have and hopefully you’ll be ready to start putting your safety gear together after the trip.  Please bring all safety/rescue gear you DO have so others can check it out – plus, you might just get to put it to use on our trip!

Please let me know if you have any questions!