Events > 2014 > May > Spring Extravaganza "Work the Falls" Trip

About this event:

Created by Jana Rodgers Walker

Once again, our awesome training chair, Nick Lilley has stepped up to lead a great trip!  How many lines have you taken at Nantahala Falls?  How many eddies have you caught on the way down?  Can you make the ferry from Bus Stop to Truck Stop and back?  Have you been eyeing Micro?  This is your chance to step up and work it!   The trip will involve multiple laps on the falls taking various lines and catching progressively more eddies.  It will begin on Sunday as soon as the water reaches the falls.

REQUIREMENTS: A solid roll as there’s a good chance you’ll end up upside down, and intermediate class 3 skills

This is a great step for people working toward the Ocoee or who just want to explore the challenges available on the Nantahala.