group of twenty one canoe and kayak paddlers, consisting of new GCA
members, loyal members of up to 20 years, and a couple of future
members met for a trip on the Etowah. See River Details

could not have picked a more beautiful day. The river level was
perfect with good current and lots of shade to make a cool,
comfortable paddle. The mountain laurel was beautiful and plentiful,
although nearing the end of the bloom season. We look forward to a
paddle in a couple of weeks with the rhododendrons in bloom.

were a couple of strainers that we had to work our way through and
one large river wide strainer that three of our paddlers climbed on
to helped the rest of us out of our canoes and kayaks and back into
our boats om the other side. Of course, there is always one kayaker
who thinks he can get enough speed to jump the strainer. Most
paddlers were not surprised when I hung up causing them to strain and
fuss at me for creating so much extra work. I expected strainers and
the first one down usually has to do the heavy work of getting
everyone over them; therefore, I asked David Robinson to lead the
group. He agreed and helped pull 20 of us over the log. I am not sure
he will ever agree to any of my suggestions in the future.

the end of the day, all agreed that it had been a great day on the
river and no one got wet!

Lamar Phillips
Saturday May 6, 2009
From The Eddy Line,
July/August 2009