Big, fat rivers running through natural, uninhabited, magical forests, with occasional little rapids and shoals make for a perfect day on the river!  The paddle on 7-30-2010, in Cherokee County on the Etowah River was a fantastic trip.  All levels of paddlers would enjoy this trip.  I am so glad I found out about this event, hosted by the Coosa Riverkeepers.

This was one of my “all time” favorite paddles on a truly beautiful river.  This is really a “GA Hidden Secret”!  but Canton Parks and Recreation Department needs HELP…  

Canton, GA  has this big park along the Etowah river, but has NO river access (Boling Park).  Every town is looking for a way to increase tourism and visitors.  Most towns are inventing attractions.  and then there’s Canton…  They have this amazing river running through town…  it’s a sweet paddle, when the river is running at a normal level,  most of which is enclosed in a protected forest, and the landing, which is in a city park (Boling Park), is “hell”.  

A friend really had to drop a rope so that I could climb a cliff, to get into the city park, Boling Park..  and then they had to drag my beloved kayak up the same cliff…  It was in the park… I don’t get it?  It was a mile or so of Canton’s Boling city park along the river….   And they had no landing?  None… notta…  I don’t get it?  I thought the folks in Cherokee County were smarter than this?  How Hard would it be to put in a set of steps and a carpeted slide for boats in a city park?

This had to be the hardest take out I’ve encountered…   I could not believe that I had just experienced one of the “Best paddles of my life”…  ending in Canton’s Boling Park were I had to be hauled up a cliff…

I had never paddled on the Etowah before.  This river is an amazing, natural gift.  After spending many years working with non-profit environmental organizations…  and fund raising…  and having GREAT respect for Cherokee County…  Please correct the landing, and experience the amazing tourism and growth a river park will bring. 


I want everyone I know that loves to paddle to experience this wonderful river, running in N GA, so PLEASE create a landing in Boling Park, Canton, GA that is as wonderful as the Etowah River.

Marie Short