Put in: Pete’s Pier Marina, 1SW !st PL, Crystal River, Fl. 34439

Take out: Pete’s Pier Marina, 1SW !st PL, Crystal River, Fl. 34439

There is a $5 parking fee at Pete’s Pier. This is a tow area due to
the popularity so getting your parking pass is advised.

Paddle Southeast following the shoreline, go underneath the bridge of
Kings Bay Drive. In appx. 1/2 mile from the put in you will come to
the outlet for 3 Sisters Springs. There is also a “No Entry Zone” for
manatees just to the left of the springs entrance. Here and in the
area around we saw dozens of manatees, if not a hundreds. Paddle up
and into the narrow outlet of 3 Sisters Springs. It’s a beautiful
spring area but property around the springs is all private so stay in
your boat. Many of us spent time paddling around in this area and in
the canals lined with houses. It’s easy to spend 2-3 hours paddling in
this spring area, watching the manatees and around in the canal areas.


It was a cool, very windy day making it difficult for open boats back
out in Kings Bay. I attempted it but turned back due to the wind.
Other boaters in sea kayaks and sit on tops paddled back out towards
Pete’s Pier, turning left/south around the palm covered point toward and
around Buzzard Island. If you have the time there is lots of other
paddling in this area, Banana Island, Parker Island and Warden Key.
None of our group ventured farther out than around Buzzards Island due
to the wind.

Dickie Tillman, January 2010