Below Carters Lake The Coossawatee flows under highway 411 South of Chatsworth and warranted more investigation. Tracey Cruce, Xan Gatling, and I put in just below the re-regulation dam. Within sight of the put in is the only rapid. Unlike most rapids, this one looked worse from land than on the water. It is a very straight forward clear channel into a fast 2′ V with a huge pool at the bottom.
The water was warmer and more cloudy than other dam released rivers. The current was surprisingly brisk. On water that seemed still, we were moving along at 2-3 miles per hour. The scenery was nice and it didn’t seem to warrant the lowly “C” that “A Canoeing & Kayaking Guide to Georgia” bestowed upon it. There was some river trash, but nothing really bad. We chased several Blue Herons down the river. Schools of large carp swam under our canoes and kayaks. Turtles were suspiciously missing. Several houses were scattered along the banks. Most were not noteworthy, but there was one made from a railroad caboose.
After lunch the number of car tires seemed to increase. Then it increased even more. The scenery grade started to seem very appropriate. During the last quarter of the trip, there were three strainers. All were passable with slow current, but required some creative maneuvers. Getting the boats up to the parking lot involved climbing up a steep incline and dragging the boats up with a rope. The take out at Highway 136 has extremely limited parking. I’m glad we went, but this is not a river that I would repeat anytime soon.

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