land owner at the Chestatee put-in at Copper Mine has closed his land
to access from the highway. To run that section of the river, it is
now necessary to put in at the bridge to avoid trespassing on the
private land. If your abilities are not up to running Copper Mine
Rapid, or the water is too low for a viable run, you can still
portage the rapid.

land owner has been patient and long suffering. His land has been
constantly littered by those who came there either to use the river
or just to party. He has had to close the mine tunnels because of
fear of legal liability, and people have come in and reopened them.
Word has it that the final straw causing the closing of the land was
an incident involving someone driving their car off the river bank at
the old iron bridge and then filing a damage suit against the land

respect the land owner’s property rights and avoid using that put-in,
even by carrying a boat in. We must prevent further deterioration of
the situation.

From The Eddy Line, November 1997