again the chicklets of GCA converged at Eagle Ranch Outfitters near
the Hiwassee river under the careful supervision of our”mother
duck”,(with a lame knee) Karen Saunders. The chicklets included
myself,Lori H,Katie H.,Pauline T.,Kate W.,Betty R.,Jill V.,Denise
C.,Denise K.(our former mother duck),Jane,Lisa M., Becca C.,Patty and
several others.

The Saturday canoe and kayak trip on the Hiwassee was spectacular
and everyone did very well–even those new to this river. Several
girls took a shot at surfing and Pauline even started doing 360’s on
a glassy wave and later practiced a few enders further down the

Pleasantly worn out,we made our way back to the cabin
to be welcomed by Karen(she always spoils us) and her scrumptious
cooking and heavenly massages (she brought her table);as we would all
expect,the music was turned up and dancing ensued (by a select few)
and in true Chic Paddle fashion, silliness was rampant. The
camaraderie was priceless and everyone chipped in to make the whole
weekend again one of the most memorable experiences of the year for
the GCA girls!!!

Christine Blumberg
August 22, 2010