group along with their canoes and kayak met the with trip coordinator Jim Griffin as planned. Jim told us of the lack of water in the Middle Chestatee. The put-ins
are blocked, so it is necessary to put in at the bridge which is
above Copper Mine Rapid. This was to be a class 1-2 trip and Copper
Mine does not fit that description. In addition there wasn’t enough
water to run Copper Mine! So the choice was to put in, paddle about
100 feet and take out and carry our canoes and kayaks around Copper Mine rapid. Then it was likely
that many of us would get stuck frequently as we went on down river,
since the water was so low, leading to a less than pleasant trip.

gave us the option of joining his “official” GCA trip on
the lower section of the Chestatee, or making up our own group and
running the middle section as planned. Five of us chose to attempt
the middle section. Ray Channell inherited the title of “leader”.
Rick Alderman, Karen Brown, Becca Brown and Nancy Barker were the

river was exactly as described by Jim, but we managed to navigate it
successfully down to the Highway 52 bridge. After I bumped through
“Blasted Rock” and looked back up at it, I was willing to
say it was unrunnable, except for the fact that we all had just made
it through.

was a beautiful day. We had perfect temperature and such great
companions, we hardly missed that important ingredient called
“water”. We watched a kingfisher dive bombing the water.
A great gray heron flew along for a while. The dogwoods are turning
red and fall is definitely on the way. In 4 kayaks and a canoe we
had a pleasant day together.

by Nancy Barker, Trip
October 4, 1997
From The Eddy Line,
November 1997