trip was planned for the Tesnatee/Chestatee in joint celebration of
American Rivers Month and National Trails Day. However, the number of volunteers was low and several of those who registered canceled at
the last moment or did not show up. When we met at the Copper Mines
at 10:00 a.m., we were only three: Dickie Tillman and I in solo open
canoes and Lee Tillman in his kayak.

Because of our
numbers, we eschewed the usual penance at the mine area and opted for
a run on the Chestatee from Tate to Garnet bridges, Otey’s access
points B to C. We cleaned assiduously for about half the seven mile
trip but gassed out just before the long class III, where we were
relieved of our several trash bags by some grateful landowners.
After that we just enjoyed the beautiful mountain laurel, river and
day and were myopic to any trash. We pulled our tired bones and
empty boats up at Garnet at about 7:00 p.m. Thanks Tillmans! You
more than repaid me!

by Roger Nott
Saturday, June 1, 1996.