Our Columbus Day
explorers and work shirkers included first-year kayaker Mike Hoyle
and solo open canoe paddlers Morgan Dicus, Warren Piper, Charlie
Pirkle on his first time on Chattooga Section IV, and myself.

in his second run on IV, ran all the rapids cleanly, though the
blorts dumped him once climbing into his Frankenstein. Charlie also
discovered a few of the wrong lines through the usual dowsers.

downstream Hwy. 76 gauge read 1.16 (.88 on the bridge). Though this
is comparatively very low and technically demanding, there is still
plenty of water nearly everywhere to stay off the rocks. At this
level there are some surprises. Just upstream of Deliverance Rock
there is a river-right keeper which some of us have been calling
Forte’s Hole since Forte Rabb spent an afternoon there almost twenty
years ago. Miraculously he side-surfed his OCA canoe for about 15
minutes, bailing as he needed to, until I was able to get a rope to
him and haul him out, upright! Since then I have stayed out of
there. Explorers Morgan and Warren decided to test the hole: Forte’s
Hole 2, paddlers zero! At higher water this spot is fairly

had a superb run of Sock ’em Dog. He and Warren, who was paddling
below Camp Creek for the first time, had great runs at Five Falls.
We all surfed at every opportunity and took out just before dark.

all shared pizzas and good fellowship at the Pizza Hut in Clayton and
felt grateful for an earlier errant boater named Cristoforo.

Roger Nott
Monday, October 13, 1997.