This is a cumulative report on five Chattahoochee canoe and kayak
trips in the Atlanta area from May through
September of 1997. We had some quiet stretches, some shoals, even
surfing holes on occasion, and lots of fun. We swam for rescue
practice, swam to cool off, but never swam for upsets. We saw trout,
kingfishers, Great Blue Heron, vultures, ducks, geese, snakes, a very
good Indian fishing weir, fishermen, golf balls, cows, and park

had lots of help with shuttles, lead and sweep. Jack Taylor handled
a pre-trip briefing and will be leading trips soon. We had a number
of visitors and first-trippers (on GCA trips). Our more experienced
members graciously helped with excellent advice and encouragement.

were patient when I miscalculated distances (“The take-out is
just around the next bend!!”). Boats were swapped to help
placate aching muscles. We helped each other load, unload and carry
boats and gear. I had three different tandem canoe partners who
don’t paddle often. They’re now experts! (Don’t anyone tell them
I’m a lousy tandem canoe paddler!)

younger paddlers (Jared, Jordan, and John) did great! The last trip
was one of the best. I remember Chris’ flip and bomb-proof roll,
Maggie’s rodeo yell while surfing, Jason and Jim’s “rope trick”
at the take-out. It was a good summer. Thanks guys!

River sections paddled included:

Johnson Ferry to Hwy. 41

Bowman’s Island to Settles Bridge

Jones Bridge to 400

Settles Bridge to Abbot’s Bridge

Bowman’s Island to McGinnis Ferry


& John Watson, Brian & Terrie Jernigan, Marvine Cole &
Knox Worde, Catherine Langille, Tom Martin, Ken & Kim and Jared
(5) Thacker, Brett & Natalie Taylor, Tom Martin & Andrew
Betsill, Jack Taylor, Elizabeth Carter, Steve Carter, Susan &
Jordan Banasik, Greg Mabry & Elizabeth Goldworthy, Jack &
Betty Taylor, Jim & John Watson, Tom Martin & Mary Hamby,
Jack & Betty Taylor, Reggie & Rashida Everett, Tom Martin,
Elizabeth Carter, Steve Carter, Sheila Small, Jean Wedthoff, Jim &
Maggie Griffin, Jason Schnurr, Chris Alasa, Jason Rusk, and Tom &
Nancy Martin.

by Tom Martin
From The Eddy Line, December

River Information