canoe/kayak trip was advertised as targeted to beginner/novice
paddlers, or first timers on the Cartecay river, and was so well
subscribed that I had to turn people away, and it makes me think we
should target more trips to the beginning paddler. By the time we
were all in the water, we had 4 canoes and 13 kayaks.

Holt Bridge to Blackberry there was considerable congestion with
other paddling groups, but we managed to avoid any major conflicts at
the rapids, and no safety problems. As expected, there were lots of
spills and swims, no problem on a hot July day. Below Blackberry to
the DNR take-out, what I call section 3 of the river, it was entirely
our own, and at Clear Creek Falls, we had as many runs as desired,
and then peeled out for the one hour run to the take-out.

level was fair, considering how little rain we have had, and felt
relatively cold. Thanks to John and Michele Nell and Alan Perry for
shuttle help, and to Alan also for some towing help. Bonnie Semora
did a commendable job as sweep, and we lost no one.

were: Alan Perry, Mike & Nic Winchester, John & Michele Nell,
Les Davenport, Doug & Tracey Spencer, Steve Springer, Myrtie &
Mel Schoychid, E.I. Griffith, Sean Sutton, Bonnie Semora, Cristina
Caamano, Mark & Lauren Albitz, and Dick Hurd.

Dick Hurd
June 20, 1997