July GCA meeting was held on July 17, 1997 at the Metro
Chattahoochee. This turned out to be a popular and fun event.
Members started gathering at the Highway 41 take-out before six p.m.,
and they were shuttled their canoes and kayaks up to the Powers
Island put-in by Haynes Johnson, John McCorvey, and a few others.
Taylor, from Go With the Flow, arrived late (due to Atlanta traffic),
so he did not assist with the shuttle, but he did bring some cups for
us to pass out, and we are grateful that he did attempt to assist

Georgia Canoeing Association provided snacks of all kinds, and canned
drinks also. Brannen Proctor set up a tent with these goodies and
with information on GCA. I arrived ready to eat first, paddle next,
and everyone was taking off so quickly, I decided to watch the tent
and eat the goodies while Brannen ran the river. I had a lot of fun
doing this and I got to talk with a lot of fun people also.

flotilla of canoes and kayaks paddled the Metro Chattahoochee. These
GCA members included: Hawk Reeves, Barbara Reeves, Judith Gerber,
Paul Kuehnert, Terry Neely, Dena Maguire, Nancy Martin, Tom Martin,
Cathy Overby-Dydche, Jane Hamilton, Gail Smith, Mike Christison,
Rachel Gates, Debra Berry, Jennifer Freeman, Ed Schultz, Marty Dyche,
William Gatling, Robert Stam, Mary Vachon, Jon Overholtzer, Julie
Hoffman, Pete Hoffman, Mark Hoyle, Tom Alexander, Brannen Proctor,
Dan Heller, Edward Heller, Linda Delery, Joe Rademacher, Chuck
Creekmore, Laura Adamson, Elisha Shephard, Cassie Cope, Meridith
Cope, Susan McConnell, Cindy Rogers, Randy Cox, Ron Nichols, Richard
Greene, Paul Kuehwert, Tom Lantz, and Tessa LaBaron. I really had a
good time, and I hope we do this again soon!

by Susan
From The Eddy Line, September 1997