If you are like me, you run the Nanty catching eddies and playing all the way down and the run take a good part of the day.  Well, on Sunday for the first ever time I just bombed the Nanty.  It truly was an odd feeling to blow through Quarry, Whirlpool, Root Canal, Surfing Rapid and then pass all those wonderful eddies above the falls calling my name. That said you will be amazed how fast you get down river.  So if you are worried about finishing in the allotted time – don’t! There is plenty of time!  I have one pointer for the down river race … POINT DOWN RIVER, find the current and paddle.  It is that simple – will you catch all the racer lines maybe not but that is not the point the point is to have fun.

If we have a big showing and we are lucky enough to win a boat then we will raffle the boat or boats off.  Each racer will get a raffle ticket for each point they earn.  Volunteers will receive raffle tickets for their help for each of the events for which they volunteered.

I look forward to seeing everyone out there this weekend and again it is important we show up as the chance to win one or even two boats is at stake.  Points double for the Slalom this weekend so it really could be any one’s race to win.  If you are on the fence about Volunteering or Paddling – Paddle we need all of you out there.

Feel free to call me if you have any questions – 770.856.4489, Todd McGinnis.



Event Time Place
Down River Race Registration 9:30-10:30 Forest Service Put in above Pattons
Down River Racers’ Meeting 10:30 Forest Service Put in above Pattons
Downriver Race start 11:00 AM Forest Service Put in above Pattons
Slalom Race Race Registration 12 -1:30PM Slow Joe’s
Slalom Race Competitors’ Meeting 1:30PM Slow Joe’s
Slalom Race Start 2PM Slow Joe’s
Awards Ceremony 7PM Slow Joe’s
Live Music 8PM Slow Joe’s


Todd McGinnis


Downriver Race Registration 10-10:30am Wayah Put-In
Downriver Race Start 11am Wayah Put-In
Slalom Race Registration 12-1:30pm Slow Joe’s Cafe
Slalom Race Competitors’ Meeting 1:30pm Slow Joe’s Cafe
Slalom Race Start 2pm Slow Joe’s Cafe
Awards Ceremony 7pm Slow Joe’s Cafe
Live Music 8pm Slow Joe’s Cafe