Round two of the NOC Canoe Club Challenge is coming up on Saturday, July 16th. We are looking for everyone to come out and support the group.  This is open to those who have not a clue how to run Slalom Gates to those who are experts.  GCA wants to see all the members that can participate no matter if you paddle OC1, OC2, C1, C2, K1, K2 & SUPs.
After the last race there were somethings that I noted that would be nice if the club would help support.
  • We need paddlers or better yet non-paddlers on the bridge timing GCA runs.  At a minimum we need two people at all times doing this.  If you want to sign up for this let please let us know.
  • When possible let us help each other out by carrying someones boat back to the top for their next run.  This helps them catch their breath and energize for the next run.
  • Most importantly we need a member at the bottom of the run with a throw rope.  When you have that many people running a section of river it just makes good sense to have that extra precaution.
Round one was a blast and I cannot wait to do it again and look forward to it.  If you have any questions or want to let us know you are going to participate shoot me an email  The plan is to have a special racers paddle on the Nanty that morning so come paddle with us or just show up for the race.  Look forward to having even more GCA folks in the race, cheering the group on, and on the bridge timing and logging the scores.
Todd McGinnis
July 8, 2011