The race course was superb for this event. It was an appropriate challenge for entry level boaters while not being intimidating, yet it was a very interesting and fun course for experienced racers. Our thanks go out to Wayne Dickert, the Nantahala Racing Club and the Nantahala Outdoor Center for their excellent job in putting together a fun event. A lot of preparatory work and planning goes into putting on an event like this, and these folks really stepped up to the task.


Special thanks to GCA’s Roger Nott, who really made our day by getting things organized and running smoothly for the GCA Team. We really owe you, Roger! Your vast experience in putting on races really showed. And you were still able to account for a significant number of GCA’s points by racing in several classes, not to mention encouraging other racers to do more runs, participate in more classes, etc. You were a very effective cheerleader and leader. I can’t say too much about the importance of the volunteers doing the starting and timing for the GCA Team. Each timer can only time one racer on the course at a time. The more timers we have, the more racers we can get down the course in a given amount of time, and the better our chances of maintaining our lead in the series. Many thanks to those volunteers who made our win possible in Round One, and thanks in advance for those who plan to help with Round Two and Round Three.


We now have momentum on our side. Please, let’s not get complacent and lose our lead in Round Two. We WILL be the big target, make no mistake. Sheer numbers is what it takes to win this thing, and we have shown that we can bring a lot of people out to represent the club. Let’s keep the momentum going moving into Round Two. Come out and make a difference for your club! Race! Volunteer! Cheer!


See y’all there!!!

Allen Hedden
July, 2011