was my first adventure into coordinating a GCA canoe and kayak trip. It was totally amazing!

After getting the waiver printed and
reading the trip coordinator guide lines, it started to be a little worried. I knew some of my friends that I paddle the Broad
River with would be there to help me through this. By Tuesday, there were just a
couple of people signed up. On Thursday the phone started ringing. My
little river trip started spiraling wildly out of control before we even
got to the put in.

I really expected maybe five people to come,
um nope ,how bout 17!!! It was AMAZING! Among those 17 were some of
the best canoe and kayak paddlers that I have ever paddled with.
These were the kind of paddlers you just hope and pray that you get
to run into when you are on the river. They all knew what they needed to do and there wasn’t really much coordinating that I needed to do.

I wont name names, but
can tell you we had people that had ran BIG water…and while being
in awe of their skills. I was honored to have them there, and their
sense of humor made the trip even better.

The trip was great.
All the way down the river, the old paddlers were helping the
newbies, people tried surfing that had never surfed before. People
were testing out their rolls, and advice was being given and not
bought. The true leaders of GCA and what GCA is, You will not find in
the meetings that the board has, but on the river and with the people
that have been paddling for years.

To give you a story of how
the day was on the river, I can’t. All I can tell you is ….don’t
send great boaters to paddle with me. I was in awe all the way down
the river. Taking advice and eating it up, watching every move these
ladies made so that I could learn from them, and thinking oh my God,
please don’t let me screw this up in front of these women that I look
up to.

I was sooo busy, watching, learning and just being
there to care about anything else.

Marilyn Curtis
28, 2010