I'm proud of my in-laws. As my mother-in-law puts it, "the drought really changed the way we looked at things" and our water usage. As a result, over the past few years they have gone from not thinking about water usage and having one of the best lawns in Dunwoody (thanks in part to their automatic sprinkler system) to being some of the best water conservationist I know. But as the old expression goes, "no good deed goes unpunished" and there has been hell to pay with the Dekalb county's Tax Assessors office because of their diminished water usage.

My in-laws have been told that they "are not using enough water" for someone that lives in Dunwoody. Apparently, Dekalb County is hoping to catch someone who owns property elsewhere and really does not use their Dunwoody home as their principle residence. My mother in law says that she has spent
hours on the phone explaining it to the County but they aren't listening.

But it gets worse for the 80 year old couple. I could hardly believe my eyes yesterday when I read the
Dekalb County Tax Assessors formal notice demanding copies of their complete income tax returns, tag receipts, and other documents for the past 3 years. I have to wonder, does the Dekalb County Tax Assessors Office have the right to monitor your water bill and go after you if they don't think you are using enough water? Do they have the right to demand copies of your federal income tax forms? Would you want to supply them with this kind of information and potentially risk identity theft? And the other thing that's really odd is why would Dekalb County monitor water bills on the one hand and then serve legal notice for documents like car tag receipts that they can just get from walking down the hall? If big brother is going to monitor you, why don't they do the job to the point where they could answer their own questions? Of course, if the 80 year old Dunwoody couple had not cut their water consumption none of this would have happened. And this begs the question of what are we supposed to do with the low flow potties new low flow washing machines/dishwasher s? To keep the county happy I suppose you could just turn the sprinklers back on or leave a faucet running? Or maybe you just take your chances on being hassled? What a kick in the groin for water conservation. Something sure seems wrong with this picture. John Pinyerd
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