Before you call the trip coordinator, please review these sign
Trip Coordinator Contacts

considerate of our trip coordinators (TCs) when signing up for GCA
trips and activities.

Avoid calling late at night, or at the last minute, to sign up
for a club trip. Calling early in the week, or even earlier, helps to
ensure you get a spot on the trip and helps the TC to make plans.

Avoid just showing up for a club trip without signing up with the
trip coordinator.

Calling and leaving a voice mail message or sending an email does
not constitute signing up. TCs often do not get last minute messages
or emails before leaving for their trips. Participation in club trips
is not guaranteed. Two major reasons for this are that trip sizes may
be limited because of many factors, and there is a de facto screening
process that takes place when someone calls to sign up for a club
trip. Boaters are allowed to participate in a club trip solely at the
discretion of the trip coordinator.

Trip size limitations may take place due to river conditions,
river characteristics, safety considerations, governmental agency
regulations, permit systems, parking availability at put-ins &
take-outs, or trip coordinator preference (not wanting to deal with
the logistics of a 40 person trip). Many of the more popular trips
fill up very quickly.

The screening process for potential trip participants is a tool to
help avoid putting TCs, other trip participants, and indeed the
callers themselves, in the awkward and often unsafe position of
dealing with trip participants who may not be a good fit for the
requirements of a particular trip. TCs may decline to have a caller
participate in a trip if they suspect that the caller may not have
the necessary skills, experience, proper type of boat or outfitting,
adequate paddling or rescue equipment, proper protective clothing, or
any number of other things that may affect the caller’s ability to
participate in the trip without placing him- or herself in an unsafe
position. This avoids affecting the quality of the trip experience
for the TC and the other participants, as well as not jeopardizing
the safety of the “screenee”. If you find yourself “screened
out” of a trip, try to ascertain why, so you can work toward
remedying the conditions that cast doubts on your ability to
participate safely. Ask for suggestions that may help you prepare for
future trips of a particular difficulty level.

coordinators should be honest but tactful when screening potential
participants for trips. Paddlers’ egos bruise very easily — we are
mostly a proud and independent lot. A bruised ego is better than a
lost boat, a severe injury, or worse. No one wants their ego to cause
problems for an entire group.One thing that should NEVER be done —
Do not sign up for a trip and then invite or allow other people to
come with you on the trip. The correct protocol is to have the other
people individually contact the trip coordinator directly to sign up
for the trip. Again, we want to be considerate of the TCs so they
will continue to coordinate trips, and “surprises” are not
a good way to do this.

be on time at the designated meeting place. The club has a 15 minute
rule regarding waiting for late-comers for club events. It is more of
a guideline than a rule so be on time. Your cooperation and adherence
to these guidelines is very much appreciated.


Trip Coordinator Contact Information