Kurt Smithgall was the overall winner with a time of 46:51 followed by Terry Smith and Chris Hipgrave. Both Kurt and Terry raced at the World Championships in France last month. Chris Hipgrave, who also served as race starter, gave them a run for their money in spite of not getting a warm up. Grandmaster Bern Collins (who would beat everyone if we applied an age handicap) was 4th. Bern was also the winner of the decade long “beer cup” challenge with Pinyerd, and Pinyerd will pay up. Steven Smith was 5th.


John Pinyerd finished 6th overall and earned his 15th “Charlie Patton Award” for being the fastest solo canoe of any kind. Corey Hall, was 7th and was in a Wildwater K-1. He was followed closely by Pat Keller in a K-1 long boat. We were impressed with just how close Pat was to the wildwater times.


The fastest open canoe was powered by Chris Osment who was 11th overall. Our fastest junior was Bryson Popp in a WW C-1 and was 15th overall.


Gabriella Schlidt and Allen Heddon were the fastest tandem canoe and won the “Ramone Eaton Award”. The fastest woman and winner of the “Julie Wilson Award” was Jennifer Bradley. She was followed closely by Sarah Smith who was the fastest junior woman. Selena Popp, a junior, was the fastest woman in a solo canoe of any kind. We were impressed how well she was able to handle her wildwater C-1, which is perhaps the most difficult whitewater boat to paddle.


The last surprise for me is that had a couple dozen racers did not complete the course in time to get a time and have their runs count in the points standings. Eventually, in fairness to the timers, we had to let them take bio breaks and get on with their lives. But these racers did help raise a valid point of: why should I paddle hard if all of the finishes count the same points? That will be one of the things we change for next year! Stay tuned!


This has always been and always will be one of our favorite races. We are looking forward to implementing a few more exciting features to make next year’s race even bigger and better!



Down River Race Results – August 18, 2012 – Forest Service Put in to NOC footbridge.

Place Bib Last Name First Name Class Time Club Notes
1 43 Smithgall Kurt WW K1 Men SR 0:46:51 NRC Fastest Overall Award
2 40 Smith Terry WW K1 Men Master 0:47:38 GDI 2nd Overall
3 5 Hipgrave Chris WW K1 Men Master 0:48:35 NRC 3rd Overall
4 38 Collins Bern WW K1 Men Master 0:54:00 NRC Fastest Grandmaster
5 28 Smith Stephen WW K1 Men SR 0:54:41 NRC
6 47 Pinyerd John WW C1 Men Masters 0:56:06 GCA Charlie Patton Award – Fastest Canoe
7 51 Hall Cory WW K1 Men SR 0:56:14 TVCC
8 100 Keller Pat K1 Long Men SR 0:58:04 NRC Fastest Long K-1
9 79 Garagtmans Chris K1 Long Men SR 0:58:42 NRC
10 53 Sprinkle Keith K1 Long Men Master 0:59:18 TVCC Fastest Long K-1 Master
11 15 Osmet Chris OC1 Mens Master 1:01:16 NRC Fastest OC-1
12 29 Crabb Steve K1 Long Men SR 1:01:30 AWC
13 16 Womble Tom K1 Long Men Master 1:01:34 CCC
14 59 Bradley Wesley K1 Long Men SR 1:01:39 APES
15 54 Popp Bryson WW C1 Men JR 1:02:01 POPP Second C-1, Fastest Jr Canoe
16 27 Beckaam Rick K1 Long Men Master 1:02:16 TVCC
17 67 Durbin Marlow K1 Long Men JR 1:02:22 CCC Fastest Long K-1 Jr
18 7 Winchester Mike K1 Long Men Master 1:02:47 GCA
19 46 Popp Tom OC1 Mens Master 1:03:04 POPP Second OC-1
20 26 McDonough Mike K1 Long Men Master 1:03:56 GCA
21 13 McGinnis Olivia/ Todd K2 1:03:59 GCA
22 61 Fay Gavin K1 Long Men SR 1:04:11 AWC
23 24 Allen Eddie OC1 Mens Master 1:04:16 AWC Third OC-1
24 32 Fox David WW K1 Men Master 1:04:38 GCA
25 35 Schlidt/Heddon Gabriella/Allen OC2 1:04:49 GCA Fastest OC-2 – Ramone Eaton Award
26 34 Randolph Ian K1 Short Men SR 1:05:27 AWC
27 42 Evans Jamison K1 Short Men SR 1:05:36 APES
28 18 Vargas Alex OC1 Mens SR 1:06:40 GDI
29 65 Murphy Gregory OC2 1:07:00 CCC
30 45 Shealy Ryan K1 Short Men SR 1:07:07 APES
31 37 Cox Micah K1 Short Men SR 1:07:10 GCA
32 74 Housen Scott K1 Long Men SR 1:07:55 GCA
33 64 Fletcher Cristy K1 Short Men SR 1:07:58 AWC
34 52 Bradley Jennifer K1 Short Women SR 1:08:07 APES Fastest Woman – Julie Wilson Award
35 60 Smith Sara WW K1 Women JR 1:08:13 TVCC Fastest Junior Woman
36 4 Nott Roger OC1 Mens Master 1:08:16 GCA
37 23 Harbac Kelly K1 Long Women Master 1:08:54 GCA
38 25 Zgavec John OC1 Mens SR 1:09:16 NA
39 14 Holmberg Mark K1 Short Men Master 1:09:30 GCA Fastest K-1 Short Master
40 6 White Thomas OC1 Mens Master 1:10:17 CCC
41 17 Collins Michael OC1 Mens Master 1:11:12 GCA
42 66 Durbin Greta K1 Long Women Cadet 1:13:06 CCC
43 69 Finger Bill K1 Short Men Master 1:13:11 APES
44 36 Wright Morgan K1 Short Women SR 1:14:35 GCA
45 55 Popp Selena WW C1 Women JR 1:14:39 POPP Fastest C-1W
46 8 Salenfriend Richard K1 Short Men Master 1:14:43 GCA
47 58 Vannoy Jeff K1 Short Men Master 1:15:16 APES
48 21 Espenshade Chris K1 Long Men Master 1:16:14 CCC
49 31 Young David OC1 Mens Master 1:16:35 GCA
50 68 Johnson Mike K1 Short Men SR 1:18:07 AWC
51 11 Gatling William OC1 Mens Master 1:19:20 GCA
52 3 Etheredge Billy K1 Short Men Master 1:29:46 GCA
1 Jonathan K1 Short Men Cadet DNF GCA
39 Beverly Rich K1 Short Men Master DNF GCA
44 Beverly Cheryl K1 Short Women Master DNF GCA
56 Blake Hayden K1 Short Men SR DNF APES
22 Dailey Jordan K1 Short Men SR DNF GCA
63 Davis Paul Jay K1 Short Men Master DNF GCA
71 Evans Alicia K1 Short Women SR DNF AWC
2 Haas Troy K1 Short Men Master DNF GCA
19 Hamilton Randy K1 Short Men SR DNF GCA
73 Hansen Patrick K1 Short Men SR DNF GCA
57 Hurst Rick K1 Short Men Master DNF GCA
62 Kennedy Mike K1 Long Men Master DNF AWC
70 Mullinax Mark K1 Short Men SR DNF GCA
20 O’Brannon Shawn K1 Long Men Master DNF GCA
10 Peek David K1 Short Men JR DNF GCA
9 Peek David K1 Short Men SR DNF GCA
30 Reiser Carol K1 Short Women Master DNF GCA
48 Rodgers Jana K1 Short Women SR DNF GCA
72 Rowe Patrick K1 Short Men SR DNF GCA
33 Sudol Tomek K1 Long Men SR DNF GCA
12 Thompson Rick K1 Short Men Master DNF GCA
50 Turner Adam K1 Long Men SR DNF GCA
41 Walker Stephen K1 Short Men SR DNF GCA